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We Buy Used Cars at Smith Cairns Subaru in Yonkers

Whenever it's time for you to find your next car, truck or SUV that you use to traverse the city streets of Manhattan or The Bronx, or for your daily travels around White Plains or Englewood, you know our Yonkers, NY Subaru dealership is the place to visit. But did you know that we also buy used cars here at Smith Cairns Subaru? Even if you're not trading in your older ride to use toward your next new Subaru or used car lease or purchase, we'll take a look at what you're hoping to sell, run you through our quick and easy appraisal process, and most likely make an offer, which you can either accept or walk away from. All told, it's easy to get started, so fill out the online evaluation form we provide, then we'll arrange a time for you to bring in your vehicle to our Yonkers service center so we can appraise it up close.

Why Sell to Smith Cairns Subaru?

There are several reasons to bring your outgoing vehicle to our Yonkers Subaru dealership. First of all, you won't be obligated to buy from us if we're interested in selling here, though you will find several benefits in trading in a high-valued pre-owned car when looking to upgrade to the perfect new Subaru or used car we have for sale. Secondly, selling to a dealership like ours is far easier than trying to arrange a private transaction. You'll spend untold amounts of time and money setting up online ads, communicating with potential buyers, and regularly being left out in the cold when a deal falls through.

Selling here, however, means you'll find a streamlined process that starts with our handy online resources and will wind up with you receiving a fair-market offer for any quality ride you have to unload. After you complete the evaluation form, we'll let you know if your car is something we're interested in - and chances are high that we are, as we're always looking to round out our pre-owned lineup with all sorts of quality vehicles from Subaru and other brands. From there, we'll arrange an in-person appraisal so our expert service techs can check the overall quality and condition of the car you're looking to sell. We'll then provide you with a written offer and we give you a few days to consider that offer and you'll be able to take your time when choosing to accept or if you want to try to sell your vehicle elsewhere around The Bronx and White Plains.

Why Trading In Makes Sense at Smith Cairns Subaru

Of course there are plenty of reasons to go through the entire trade-in process here in Yonkers, since if you're looking to sell your current vehicle, chances are you'll be in the market for your next one. We offer a unique Subaru Guaranteed Trade-In Program that allows you to swap out qualified, recent model year editions for a newer one, with some standards that have to be met, along with a guaranteed offer that you can then use to offset the costs of your next lease or purchase.

You don't have to own a Subaru to get a quality trade-in value here in Yonkers, as we'll guide you through a similar process as selling any vehicle to us, then we'll apply that value toward your next purchase. With any amount you earn from your trade-in, you're obviously lowering the total cost of your next purchase, but you're also reducing the amount you're financing, which lowers what you spend on interest, and you're offsetting sales taxes. Having a quality trade-in that cuts down on those types of extra costs that really add up with a vehicle purchase will really help you find a great deal here in Yonkers.

Discover an easy way to sell your car here at Smith Cairns Subaru by visiting today and we'll be happy to help you get started.