Our Yonkers, NY Subaru dealership is obviously a great place to buy your next vehicle, including with all kinds of used cars we have for sale. But we're also happy to take a look at any used car you're looking to sell here near Manhattan and The Bronx. We're always looking to boost our pre-owned lineup, and even if you're not changing out your older ride for a new one, we'll consider what you have to sell and if we're impressed, we'll make a fair-market offer. See how easy this process is with Smith Cairns Subaru near White Plains and Englewood, NY, then head over so we can appraise the ride you're hoping to sell.

This process starts similarly to what you'd do when trading in an older vehicle – which we recommend if you're upgrading to a new Subaru or any pre-owned vehicle we have for sale. You'll submit your vehicle's information online, with facts and figures for make, model, model year, mileage, past owners, and more. From there, if it sounds like you have something we'd like to buy, we'll arrange a time for a quick yet thorough appraisal, conducted by our expert Subaru service technicians right here in Yonkers.

If it's something we're interested in, we'll then make you a written offer, and you'll have a certain period of several days to either accept or walk away from, and should you take our fair market offer, we'll provide you with a check that you can cash or deposit and use however suits you best. If you are trading in your vehicle, that value will be applied to your new Subaru or used car lease or loan, which will really help you find a great deal. As with every kind of shopping you'll get up to here at our Yonkers Subaru dealership, you'll find selling your car to us is easier than ever, so get in touch to get started.

See how easy selling your car to Smith Cairns Subaru can be and visit us today to get started.

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